Percoa Pervious Pavers

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Percoa Pervious Concrete

Innovative Technology:

• Percoa pavement products are prefabricated blocks of pervious concrete measuring nominally at 2’ x 2’ x 6”.
• Weight 2’x2’x6” paver is approximately 250 lbs.

Benefits of technology:

• By being manufactured inside a temperature controlled facility, Percoa offers stringent quality control during mixing and curing which may reduce inconsistencies often seen in poured in place porous concrete applications.
• Customizable block sizes can be manufactured for site specific application.

• Simplified installation process requiring no ready-mix trucks on site or certified porous concrete professionals. Installation is similar to that of traditional landscape paver blocks.
• Pavers can easily be removed and replaced if damaged.

• Paving can be used immediately upon installation with no curing time required.


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Technology Description:

Percoa pervious concrete is form poured and cured in a production facility according to pre-engineered mixtures of aggregates, water, and cement material in order to create void space of between 15% and 25% in the finished product. Flow rates have been independently confirmed at the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory at up to 480 in/hr. Traffic loaded bearing properties of up to 4,500 psi can be achieved with a small loss in overall void space. The blocks are produced with two ends having ‘keys’ or interlocked edges. The pervious blocks are placed on a bed of storage aggregate which is designed to store, filter, or ideally infiltrate stormwater runoff.


The interlocking edges keep the blocks from shifting or settling independently. The blocks are installed by hand labor or small equipment.


Maintenance of Percoa porous concrete blocks would be similar to the required maintenance for any porous pavement or permeable pavers. Seasonal vacuuming removes the built-up fines that are likely to clog the material. Percoa does offer the benefit that if one or more blocks become severely clogged, they can more easily be removed and replaced compared to poured in place porous concrete. Percoa, unlike permeable pavers, does not have to replace the media in between the pavers which is an extra cost for maintenance. Site placement to avoid sediment transfer onto the porous pavement blocks is critical for long term success.


Percoa offers what developers contend are a Superior alternative to cast-in-place pervious concrete and more effective drainage than permeable concrete pavers. The product can be cast in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, they add, offering greater flexibility for civil engineers, landscape architects and contractors to design and installparking lots, driveways, sidewalks and walkways, plazas and patios. “Percoa has the potential to revitalize andexpand the use of pervious concrete. You know what you are getting, and how it will perform, because of itscontrolled production process,” notes Mary Vancura, Ph.D. of Mendota Heights, Minn.-based Beton Consulting Engineers, LLC. —