Storm Water Quality & Devices Structural BMP’s

  • We carry multiple products that will meet any regulatory agency throughout the country.
  • Hydrodynamic Separators
  • Filtration Units
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Inlet Protection & Catch Basin Inserts

FLeXstorm Inlet Filters are the preferred choice for inlet protection and storm water sediment control. Whether you’re the specifier or the user, it’s clear to see the benefits of FLeXstorm Inlet Filters:

  • Spend less – FleXstorm Inlet Filters are the lowest cost alternative for the highest level of Inlet Protection
  • Reduce jobsite flooding and keep projects running
  • Minimize residential complaints with cleaner, dryer streets during all construction phases
  • Prevent hazardous road icing conditions by eliminating ponding at curb inlets • Significantly reduce cleanup costs (eliminate manual clean outs and/or costly vactor trucks)
  • Prevent siltation and pollution of rivers, lakes, and ponds (especially within the development)
  • Transfer Inlet Filters from phase to phase and project to project; they’re reusable
    Satisfy EPA’s NPDES Phase II directives with a sound structural BMP practice.

*We Offer a Wide Range of Products for Water Quality Applications. Please inquire for design assistance or additional information